Now would seem like a good time as ever to look back at the 10 supermodels who left indelible marks in the minds of red-blooded males across the globe.

10. Brooklyn Decker
Cover: 2010
Andy Roddick's better half parlayed her appearances in the annual issue into a successful career in movies and television, including roles in Just Go With It and Battleship.

9. Paulina Porizkova
Covers: 1984, 1985
The Kate Upton of the pre-internet age, Porizkova is still the youngest model to earn the cover, when she appeared in the 1984 issue at the age of 18.

8. Marisa Miller
Cover: 2008
Miller may just have one cover to her name so far, but she certainly made it count. In 2008, the reveal of her cover lead to 228 million pageviews for Sports Illustrated's website, a record at the time.

7. Daniela Pestova
Covers: 1995, 2000, 2006
Perhaps not the household name that some of the other models on this list are, but the Czech model is just one of five women to have been on the cover three times.

6. Kathy Ireland
Covers: 1989, 1992, 1994
Kathy Ireland made her first appearance in Swimsuit way back in 1984 and from there she was featured in the annual issue for the next 13 consecutive years. The 1989 issue on which she appears on the cover is still the highest-selling Swimsuit Issue of all-time. Not bad for a placekicker from a small school in Texas. 

5. Kate Upton
Covers: 2012, 2013
Ms. Upton may not be able to even buy her own drinks yet (not that she would have to), but she's already been named covergirl for the last two years. The sky seems to be the limit for her, and in five years time, she may very well be the #1 model on this list.

4. Tyra Banks
Covers: 1996, 1997
Tyra Banks became the first African-American model to appear not only on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue, but also GQ. She would go on to achieve superstardom on daytime TV, as the host of her own talk show and as the host and producer of 'America's Next Top Model'.

3. Christie Brinkley
Covers: 1979, 1980, 1981
The 'Uptown Girl' was the first supermodel to three-peat on the cover, appearing as the face (and body) of the Swimsuit Issue from 1979-1981 and was also featured in the first S.I. calendar.

2. Cheryl Tiegs
Covers: 1970, 1975, 1983
Considered America’s first 'supermodel', she appeared three times on the cover. In addition to this, a 1978 poster of her in a pink bikini became an iconic 1970s pop culture image.

1. Elle Macpherson
1986, 1987, 1988, 1994, 2006
As the only model to appear on the cover five times and also as the only model to grace the cover in three different decades, there's no doubt that the Australian supermodel still reigns supreme as the top Swimsuit Issue model of all-time.

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